Apple allegedly paid millions to woman for nude photos posted on Facebook

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Apple allegedly paid millions to woman for nude photos posted on Facebook

Apple had allegedly paid millions of dollars to a woman in order to settle a lawsuit after phone repair technicians uploaded explicit content from their iPhone to Facebook.

According to a complaint filed in California, the woman a college student who had not released private information without her consent has suffered a publication of personal information resulting in a claim for personal injury against the Apple repair contractor Pegatron Technology Service Inc.

The records of the complaint of the woman were not available. However, Apple's name came to light in a related case when Apple filed a lawsuit against its insurance company seeking reimbursement for the money it had paid to Pergatron.

The claim stems from an incident in 2016 when a college student discovered that separate photos and a video she had uploaded to her Facebook page had been uploaded to her mobile phone, according to sexually explicit court documents.

The incident occurred when a student's mobile phone was undergoing repairs at Plaintiff PTSI's facility in Elk Grove, California, according to court documents.

The student became aware that the content had only become public after her friends found sexually explicit images on her Facebook page, court documents said.

Representatives for FOX Business did not reply to Facebook's request for comments.

According to The Telegraph, who was the first to report the incident, apple had fired two technicians after investigating the matter. The company also reportedly asked for confidentiality before its name was connected to the legal battle with its repair contractor.

A spokesperson for Apple confirmed to FOX Business that the company took action after finding out about the egregious violation of policies.

We take the privacy and security of our customers' data extremely seriously and have a number of protocols in place to ensure data remains protected throughout the repair process, Apple said in a statement to FOX Business. When we learned of this egregious breach of our policies in 2016 at one of our vendors, we took immediate action and have continued to strengthen our vendor protocols since then.

According to the Telegraph, the exact amount of money paid to the student was not disclosed though it amounted to a multimillion-dollar payment.

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