Apple just announced a bunch of new iPad Pro products

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Apple just announced a bunch of new iPad Pro products

Apple just announced a product event on April 20 where it's expected to announce new versions of the iPad Pro, AirTags tracking devices and more. The event begins at 1 p.m. ET and ends in CITY.

Apple could use the event to continue the boost iPads have seen during the pandemic. In January, Apple reported$ 8.44 billion in iPad revenue for its first quarter- first quarter, 41% more year over year. The new iPad Pros are expected to pack Apple's newest and fastest processor and may include a new type of screen that uses mini LED technology to produce better images for things like watching movies and viewing photos.

It's a digital event that means it will be held online instead of offline due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. In March last year, Apple introduced the iPad Pro when it also introduced the Magic Keyboard, which makes it feel more like a laptop. It announced its second generation AirPods in March 2019 so it's possible these Pods can be refreshed too.

Apple has been rumored to launch AirTags, a product similar to Tile that you can attach to items like keys or place in a bag and track them using Apple's Find My software built into iPads and iPhones. Apple has been testing a way to track these devices in its beta software for iPhones.

Apple could use the event to introduce any number of new products. Other devices that could be updated include iMacs, which have n't been updated to the new M 1 processor.

The Apple AirPods are the best-selling headphones in the world. It makes sense to maintain momentum because competitors introduce similar products, often at lower prices. Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst, said in March that new AirPods may not be released until the third quarter of this year.

And finally, Apple TV is long overdue for an update: The Apple TV 4 K, the new model, came out in 2017, but even that was a minor update from the version that was released in 2015. Bloomberg said in December Apple was planning an update with a new remote, an updated processor and a gaming focus.

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