Apple just unveiled an update to its Apple TV streamingbox

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Apple just unveiled an update to its Apple TV streamingbox

Apple released an updated version of its Apple TV streaming box, the Apple TV 4 K. On Tuesday, Apple debuted an updated version of the product. The latest version of the Apple TV gets an upgraded processor in the form of Apple's A 12 Bionic Chip, the same chip found in the company's iPhone XS. The update means you 'll be able to stream 4 K, HDR content with frame rates as high as 60 frames per second.

The base Apple TV 4 K starts at$ 179 with 64 GB or storage, while a version with 32 GB of storage will cost$ 199. Both will be available in the second half of May, and beyond powerful processors, the boxes feature two major improvements: a far better looking Siri remote and the ability to easily color balance your television without having to dive into your set's settings.

The new Siri remote does away with the old touchpad in favor of a new circular clickpad with a touch sensitive middle portion that allows you to quickly swipe through long lists of shows.

The remote can also control the power for your entire television and features a dedicated Siri button on its side. In addition to the new Apple TV 4 K, Apple announced an all-new iMac powered by the company's M 1 chip, two new iPad Pros with M 1 chips and the first AirTag tracking device of Apple.

The most impressive new feature of the update Apple TV 4 K, however, may be its stunning color balancing capabilities.

Rather than trying to automate your Apple TV 4 K color balance manually, Apple will now more or less automate the process via your iPhone. Similar to installing a unique Apple Watch, the Apple TV 4 K will display a new signature on your TV in the shape of an iPhone.

By placing your iPhone in front of the signature, your iPhone camera will read the screen and tell Apple TV how to adjust its colors. Apple says the result will offer better colors and more contrast without having to mess with your TV's settings.

At$ 179, the Apple TV 4 K is still much more expensive than Roku or Amazon's streaming boxes.

What's more, with Apple TV available on more devices, owning an Apple TV seems almost unnecessary unless you 're really attached to accessing the TVOS-specific streaming boxes of the streaming box. What is the best tip you have on a day?

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