Apple unveils its most powerful desktop computer in nearly a decade

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In almost a decade, Intel Corp. rolled out the first redesign of its flagship desktop iMac computer and showcasing its latest machine with in-house chips instead of those developed by Apple Inc.

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant showed off the new iMacs, which come in a new 24 inch screen size, up from 21.5 inches on the previous entry-level model, Tuesday at its product event. The new iMacs are far thinner than their predecessors and have thinner edges. They also come in seven different colors, have a 1080 p camera, better speakers and improved microphones for video conferencing.

The computers run Apple's M 1 first developed processor, which was released in the MacBook Air, the entry-level MacBook Pro and Mac mini last year. In its own processors, the company has now replaced the iMac chips for its own designs in most of the Mac line. Apple is planning to launch higher-end MacBook Pros later this year with its own chips and a smaller Mac Pro desktop computer with an Apple processor by the end of the year, Bloomberg News has reported. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. typically makes Apple's chips.

The new iMac starts at$ 1,299 compared to$ 1,099 for the previous model with Intel chips. In 2012, Apple redesigned the iMac with no major changes to the larger and more powerful models in the company. The upgraded machines also include a new power adapter that can be magnetically attached to the back of the iMac and four USB-C ports.

The company offers three new keyboard options for the new iMacs: a standard color-matched one, a keyboard with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and another with a fingerprint scanner and a number pad. The company is also offering new mouses and trackpads that are color-matched to iMacs. While much of the computer industry focuses on laptops, the iMac remains a key part of Apple's portfolio.

The first iMac, which was launched in 1998, has been credited with helping Apple escape bankruptcy and to set a path toward becoming the world's most valuable company. The All-in-one desktop line is popular with professionals and consumers who seek affordable screens at relatively large prices. The launch of new iMacs comes as businesses and schools begin to re-open after vaccines for Covid 19 are more readily available in some countries.

Some businesses may need new equipment for those returning to the office, which could boost the sales of the iMac. The Mac line was estimated at$ 8.7 billion in the fiscal first quarter ended in December, the most during a holiday period in years.

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