Biden is 'escaping the mess back home' as border crisis gets worse

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Biden is 'escaping the mess back home' as border crisis gets worse

In his latest My Take, FOX Business Stuart Varney provided information into the state of the U.S. as Biden fails to secure the southern border and reach a bipartisan deal on infrastructure before his European trip.

STUART VARNEY: The first foreign visit goes to Europe from Biden It seems like he's 'escaping' the mess back home. As he leaves, his vice president has made the border crisis worse.

Kamala Harris said she had been to the border for Border Investigation. She had not seen it. And she laughed her way through her interviews.

Did you see this information? The vice president's non-appearance at the border was mocked with a cardboard cutout!

On the same day, Biden failed to agree on an infrastructure plan. Senator Biden remained adamant that filibuster treatment would effectively block Manchin's plans for gun control, equity pay, unionization and more! It's a dramatic split in Democrat Party! And that's a hot mess of this nature!

If not enough, more scientists are coming forward with the concept that COVID started at the Wuhan lab! The former President Trump would go after China if he paid $10 trillion for reparations. What is a secretary-in-chief of America going to do next? The Hunter Biden scandal you know still hangs over the relationship with Beijing New texts just made available show Hunter frequently using the N word!

This is why I'm using the word 'escape' for the president’s foreign trip. Back home he is escaping his mess from in government administration.

President Vladimir Putin meets Biden within a week, but they meet just last week.

Maybe our president is blowing up the food or frying pan in the fire!

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