Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan is like a Trojan horse'

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Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan is like a Trojan horse'

The verbal shots from Republicans came quickly and furious this week as President Biden unveiled his$ 2 trillion infrastructure and jobs package.

Much of the GOP's ire was on the Tax Bill, which was proposed by Biden to pay for his massive spending bill.


The chorus of condemnation included the two top Republicans in Congress.

It's like a Trojan horse, told the Kentucky GOP leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday, reporters in Kentucky. It's called infrastructure, but inside the Trojan horse it will be more borrowed money and massive tax increases on all the productive parts of our economy.

Hours later, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News that this is not an infrastructure bill, this is the green new bill. The green new bill with raising taxes; very little infrastructure in it at all. Biden got in the act and charged in a statement that Trump's huge multi-billion dollar tax hike is a strategy for total economic surrender.

If the attacks sound familiar, they are; Republicans often successfully target Democrats over the issue of tax increases for decades.

Sometimes the greatest hits are worth replaying, noted political scientist Matt Grossman, director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University. They 're arguments that are made consistently because they are the best ones available to get public opinion.

The Republican consultant Brian Walsh, a veteran of numerous Senate, House and gubernatorial campaigns, highlighted that this is lining up as almost an exact repeat of 12 years ago when the Democrats rammed through large government programs with partisan, party-line votes and did n't make the slightest effort to find any middle ground. Which cost them 63 Senate seats and a half-dozen House seats in the midterms last year.

The only difference this time is that instead of ObamaCare they will be running on the biggest tax increase in history as Americans and families try to recover from a pandemic, which is arguably even politically toxic, emphasized Walsh, a former senior GOP senator from Texas. AOC SAYS BIDEN's$ 2 TRILLION PACKAGE SHOULD BE BIGGER FRONT COLD IMPORTANT.

The president's more than$ 2 trillion infrastructure and economic recovery package aims to revive the nation's transportation infrastructure, water systems, broadband and manufacturing facilities among other things.

The expenditure spread over eight years would be recouped by increasing the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%.

The 2017 tax cuts were dramatically lowered by businesses which were the signature domestic legislative achievement of Trump's presidency.

Biden's plan would also drop the global minimum tax rate for multinational corporations to 21% and enact the new exemption on profits on foreign investments. When unveiling his package during a Wednesday speech in Pittsburgh, the president emphasized that this is not to target those who have made it. This is not to seek retribution, this is about opening opportunities for everybody else.

Republicans see the proposed tax hikes as a winning issue as they try to regain the majority in the House and Senate in the midterm elections in 2022. BIDEN 'S$ 2 T INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN WILL BE FUNDED BY CORPORATE TAX HIKE PROPOSAL The National Republican Congressional Committee touted that they have done a ton of messaging on the planned tax hikes this week and they 're going to keep it up. The National Republican Senatorial Committee argued that Democrats are planning the largest tax increases in history.

When the bill reaches the Senate, they 'll likely use the issue to target vulnerable Democrats up for re-election next year.

The pro-Republican independent group American Action Network told Fox News that stopping Biden's proposed tax increases is a top priority and that they are currently working on messaging as the details of the bill come together in Congress.

Americans for Prosperity, the strong conservative and libertarian political advocacy group, promised it will bear the full weight of its grassroots activist network across the country to urge legislators to reject harmful elements of the proposal. By clicking HERE, you can GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO. AFP president Tim Phillips told Fox News that the most expensive plan in American history, paid by one of the largest tax increases in history, might be old in size and scope, but is unprecedented in substance.

This is not an investment in our future, but a rehash of tired ideas that we know wo n't work.

Some public opinion polls indicate that a majority of Americans support taxes on big corporations.

But Grossman noted that the American public is much more conservative in specific terms than in general terms.

It's normally in the interests of Republicans to broaden the debate to talk about the size and scope of government and federalization of policy rather than to talk about the general provisions.

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