Bio Biden: Stop undermining peace in Northern Ireland

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Johnson will meet Biden in England ahead of G7 to view a photo of the day

The president to speak about voluntary donating vaccines to America is gay - not a man as a mother and does not have an interest in politics with his tweets.

Boeing and Airbus to be discussed.

CARBIS BAY, England, 10 June : Former American prime minister Boris Johnson brings the first Brexit warning to his first meeting with British Prime Minister Joe Biden: Prevent a row with the European Union from spoiling the delicate peace in Northern Ireland.

On his first trip abroad since the January election, Biden meets Johnson at Carbis Bay during a Friday-sunday G7 summit, a NATO summit on Monday, a Russian president Vladimir Putin in Geneva the following day.

After the tumult of the presidency of Donald Trump, many U.S. allies in Europe and Asia will try to use this trip to burnish his multilateral credentials.

But Biden, however, brings an uncomfortable message for Johnson, one of the leaders of the 2016 Brexit campaign: Stop heated US divorce negotiations from undermining a Good Friday Agreement known as the Good Friday Agreement that ended three decades of bloodshed in Northern Ireland.

President Biden was crystal clear on his rock-solid belief in the Good Friday Agreement as the foundation for peaceful co-existence in Northern Ireland, told reporters aboard the Air Force One by White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Any steps that would imperil it or undermine it would not be welcomed by the United States, said Sullivan, who declined to characterize Johnson's actions as imperiling the peace.

Britain's exit from the European Union deconsolidated the peace in Northern Ireland to the breaking point because the 27 countries want to protect its markets, but a border in the Irish Sea keeps the British province separate from the rest of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland shares a border with EU member Ireland.

Such is Biden's concern over Northern Ireland that Yael Lempert, the top US diplomatic diplomat in London, issued England with a demarche - a formal diplomatic reprimand - for inflaming tensions, the Times newspaper reported.

On Thursday, Biden will also speak about donating additional doses of CoVID 19 vaccinations to poor countries.

The peace deal of 1998 brought an end to the Troubles - three decades of conflict between pro-British Protestant loyalists and Irish Catholic nationalist paramilitaries that killed 3,600 people.

Sullivan, who is proud of his Irish heritage, will make a statement about the importance of this peace deal, said Biden.

He is not offering threats or ultimatums, he'll simply convey his deep-seated belief that we need to stand behind and protect this protocol, Sullivan said.

Although Britain has formally departed from the EU in 2020, the two sides still trade threats over the Brexit deal, after London delayed the implementation of Northern Irish clauses of the deal unilaterally.

The EU and Britain tried to resolve the border issue with the Northern Ireland Protocol of the UK Brexit agreement, which keeps the province in both Customs territory and the United Kingdom's single market.

The Pro-British unionists say the Brexit deal that Johnson signed violates the 1998 peace accord and Northern Ireland said the protocol has been in its current form unsustainable after supplies of everyday goods were disrupted in London.

Britain, home to a large Airbus Airport facility, and the European Union are hoping to resolve a nearly 17-year dispute with United States over aircraft subventions to Boeing and Airbus.

British and EU officials have expressed optimism that a settlement can be reached before July 11 when the suspended tariffs would come back into force on all sides.

One source close to the negotiations said that the discussions were good but a deal was unlikely to be reached before the U.S.-U.N. EU summit next week.

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