Boeing 65 employees fired for racist, discriminatory conduct

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Boeing 65 employees fired for racist, discriminatory conduct

On Friday, Boeing announced that it fired 65 employees over the last year for not being involved in or being part of racist, discriminatory or hateful conduct.

In a company-wide study that reveals the first demographic breakdown of its workforce, the planemaker said that the employees were terminated between June 2020 and April 21, 2021.

American companies have come under pressure from investors to disclose information about diversity among employees in the wake of racial justice and movements such as Black Lives Matter publicly.

Boeing said about 69% of its United States workforce was white and 31% from other races, including approximately 6.4% Black employees.Boeing has previously claimed that it aims to increase Black workforce by 20%.

Boeing, which has seen the ranks of its senior female executives shrink in the past decade, also said data showed women made up 13.6% of its executive council, a drop from roughly 30% over the year.

Part of the reason for the female gender gap in the council is its expansion to 22 members, from 13 members, with only three female executives, at beginning March 2020.

In all, women represented from 23% and 25% of U.S. Boeing workers, the company announced.What's a tough truth to think about how we behaved.

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