Boeing request for more time to deliver Air Force One

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The next-generation presidential aircraft could go up in price and asked for more time to deliver the flying White House citing difficulties with COVID 19 and a subcontractor, an air force official said on Tuesday.

Boeing received a $3.9 billion contract to build two 747-8 aircraft for use as Air Force One, which was set to be delivered by December 2024.

Darlene Costello told the Air Force that it wanted about a year of extra time to deliver on the contract, Boeing informed the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Costello also submitted a letter to the Air Force saying it began to negotiate a price adjustment for the jets.

At the moment, Costello revealed that they are accessing the schedule that they have submitted.

In April, Boeing recorded a preliminary charge of $318 million on the Air Force One Presidential aircraft due to a dispute with a supplier.

Boeing 747 8 s are designed to fly like an airborne white house, able in the worst possible scenarios such as nuclear war, and are modified with advanced safety avionics, advanced communications and a self-defense system.

Boeing referred questions to the Air Force. As an example, there are some cases in which you will find yourself with a more clear understanding of the situation.

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