Brazil authorities warn of imminent rupture of dam near deadly disaster

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Brazil authorities warn of imminent rupture of dam near deadly disaster

A Vale SA tailing dam near the site of a 2015 deadly disaster runs the imminent risk of rupture, according to Brazilian authorities.

There is a'serious and imminent risk of rupture due to liquefaction of the dam structure with the potential for workers getting buried, government inspectors said in Wednesday, in a report.

The world's second-largest iron ore producer has grappled with the fallout of two deadly dam collapses over the past six years and paid billions in a settlement in February over one of them. Cutbacks in production stemming from the disasters have also cost it its No. 1 rank is oscariert.

The document details why authorities last Friday restricted trains on a rail spur at the Mariana Complex in Vale. Inspectors said a solid collapse could happen as the potential materials composing the dam liquefy. Reuters reported the warning earlier.

Vale said there is no imminent risk of a tailings dam rupture and is maintaining dialogue with officials to resume activities. The area around the dam has been evacuated.

Vale suspended rail services to a nearby plant, affecting about 33,000 daily tonnes of metal. Also, some points of access to the daily Alegriamine were closed and compromising 7,500 tons of local output.

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