Brazil's Petrobras faces some challenges to sell SIX

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RIO DE JANEIRO, April 20- Brazil's state oil company SIX is facing some challenges to continue its shale oil production and continue with its sale, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the oil workers' union FUP said that Petrobras was considering shutting the plant if it did not reach a deal with the country's oil regulator ANP to pay around 1 billion royalties to the southern state of Parana and to the city of Sao Mateus do Sul where it was located.

Petrobras said in a statement that it believes all parts involved will reach an agreement, but added that it will also explore alternative alternatives for the asset.

SIX is part of a group of assets that Petrobras put up for sale recently to raise money and reduce debt.

According to the Petrobras website, the installed capacity of SIX is 5,880 tonnes per day and it sells its products to the states of Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo e Rio Grande do Sul. The term of `` Merricks '' is still being used and referred to as a `` preferring '' in the dictionary.

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