Britain to buy 60 million doses of Pfizer's COVID - 19 vaccine

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On April 28, Britain will buy 60 million more doses of PfizerPfizer BioNTech's COVID 19 vaccine -- health minister Matt Hancock said in a deal that is more than double the national supply of the shot ahead of the booster program later this year.

Britain has ordered a total of 100 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which is one of three COVID 19 shots that are rolling out in the country at the moment.

Hancock said the shots had been secured to support a COVID 19 booster vaccination program starting in autumn, adding that the biggest threat to Britain's vaccine rollout so far was a new variant of coronavirus.

We're working on our plans for booster shots, Hancock said in a statement.

These further 60 million doses, along with others, will be used as part of our booster program from later this year, so that we can see the progress we have all made.

On Wednesday, an official from Public Health England said that the details of any booster program were still being designed and that it would be worked out primarily with new variants in mind.

More details on the booster program would be available in due course and would consider data from trials about the use of different combinations of COVID 19 vaccines.

Britain has used 47.5 million doses in its vaccine rollout in total so far, more than 34 million of which are first doses.

While the country is only second to Israel in terms of the proportion of the population that has received a first dose, which is around 50% but has suffered 127,000 deaths from COVID 19, the fifth-highest global total.

Britain has 1517 million doses of eight different COVID 19 - 25 vaccines in the UK, some of which remain under development.

Britain has a population of 67 million people, although most of the vaccines it has ordered require two shots.The government says it spread its bets in case some vaccines failed in development.A shot developed by Sanofi has been delayed.What do people think of them on what Is the best way to describe their English.?

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