Chile to introduce COVID - 19 vaccine for pregnant women

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SANTIAGO, April 28 - Chile has assigned pregnant women a COVID 19 drug - priority and this week began in their second or third trimesters to give Pfizer doses to those with underlying health issues.

The Chile's chief Public Health Official Paula Daza said women were inoculated with the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine after more information about its safety for pregnant women existed.

An estimated 230,000 will be offered vaccins with those with high health conditions followed by those working in high-risk jobs such as the health and education sectors.

Chile is now running one of the World's fastest COVID 19 vaccination campaigns, so far inoculating health workers, teachers, civil servants, journalists and age groups in their 40s progressively increasing

More than 52% of the 15.2 million people it aims to vaccinate by July have received one dose of a vaccine and 41.6% have received two.

The country has now become one of the first to roll out vaccinations for pregnant women. The United States revised its guidance on vaccines earlier this month to include pregnant women and the UK at the weekend.

On Tuesday Brazilian authorities said that pregnant women would be included among the priority groups for vaccination, starting with those with underlying diseases.

Brazilians also announced in recent days that women should delay their pregnancies if they can, to prevent fear that the virus may hit them more and overcrowding in hospitals.

Claudia Terrazas, 32, a pediatrician who is eight and half months pregnant was among those whom a shot was given in the Santiago district of La Florida on Tuesday.

She told Reuters she was sold on the antibodies argument that Israeli researchers advanced this month, that women can confer vaccine protection on their offspring via placental transfer or breastmilk.

This will not only help me, but my son, she said.

Alfredo Bravo, the District Health Chief in La Florida, said he was proud to be a vaccination pioneer. This is a process that is safe, and that pregnant women who have chosen to come can really trust, he said. When is it an umbrella term, how was it written?

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