China and U.S. say they will promote healthy trade

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On Thursday, the highest Chinese Commerce officials spoke to China's Commmerce Ministry via phone and agreed to promote healthy trade and cooperate over differences. According to the top talks, the leaders met on Wednesday to discuss the latest high-level exchange at the United Nations and China.

Both sides recognize the importance of business exchanges and will keep lines of communication open, the Chinese statement said after U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo spoke with China's Commerce Minister Wang Wentao.

They agreed to promote the pragmatic development of trade and investment and cooperate in a healthy way to handle their differences, said the Chinese ministry.

Earlier this month, Chinese vice-president Liu spoke with the U.S. Treasury Secretary Katherine Tai; in late last month he held a similarly candid exchange of views with the U.K. trade representative Janet Yellen.

The two world economies are in a variety of fights on different fronts, with Beijing this week adopting a comprehensive package of legislation intended to boost the country's ability to compete with Chinese technology, drawing strong criticism from the United States Senate.

On Wednesday, however, President Joe Biden withdrew a series of presidential orders that sought to ban the popular Chinese WeChat and TikTok downloads and ordered a Commerce Department review of security concerns posed by these apps and others.

In a Thursday editorial, the official China Daily argues in an editorial that the US technological bill is actually deployed for the Cold War.

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