Chipotle CEO says he's for return to office policy

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Chipotle CEO says he's for return to office policy

Incoming CEO Cristiano Amon says that he is for a strong Return to office policy for the tech giant's more than 41,000 in workforce.

The reality is not the same at all locations, we are a global company. And things are improving significantly in the United States and San Diego where our headquarters is located. And we have a phased approach to bring back employees to work because we were doing phase one now. We expect there will be some flexibility, Amon said in Yahoo Finance Live.

In 1995, Amon joined Qualcomm as an engineer and climbed the ranks to become President before being announced as a 2014 CEO in early January. On June 30, he officially takes over the top job under his command.

Amon will be tasked not only with diversifying 5 G opportunities and opening the company away from mobile phones, but also with the return to office plan post COVID 19 for workers around the world.

The way we approach these things is there is a lot of good things about being connected with the company that we learned during the pandemic. I think we will keep what is good. And we are going to go back to what is good in the workplace. Of course it is not the same situation all over, India in a tough situation, Amon explained.

Apple's view about the return to office life somewhat jibes with the major client Qualcomm.

Tim Cook recently sent a letter to employees saying they would have to return to work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays this fall. Most employees have the option to work remotely twice a week.

Cook stressed that video calls cannot reproduce the creativity that often pops up in an office setting.

The position of both companies differs a bit from the global social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Both companies have said their employees could work from home forever.

The ability to access more work options beyond the Pandemic appears to be what most workers want.

More than 50% of employees said in a new McKinsey survey that they would like their organizations to adopt flexible hybrid virtual work models more frequently. A hybrid model can help organizations make the best of talent where it is based, reduce costs and boost organizational performance, wrote the interview author.

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