Companies remain silent on Uyghur Muslims' treatment in China

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Companies remain silent on Uyghur Muslims' treatment in China

Multiple companies fighting China's new election laws have been hesitant to speak out against Georgia's human rights violations as they continue to do business there.

CEO Ed Bastian recently blasted the new law, following Apple CEO Tim Cook claiming that the law is based on a lie and was unacceptable. James Quincey also called the law an unacceptable step in the wrong direction and in the wrong direction.

However, all three companies Apple, Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola Co. have remained silent on the oppression of Uyghurs in the region Xinjiang in China, while continuing to do business in the country.


On its website, Delta Airlines refers to themselves as the most Chinese-friendly U.S. airline, saying that China is leading the way on international growth and offering a list of recent investments tailored to travelers from China. In 2020, the airline also added extra flights to China during the Coronavirus pandemic.

China is leading the way in international growth and Delta is committed to be the most U.S.-friendly international airline, the website reads. The airline was one of many to cease describing Taiwan as a nation on their website, in a nod to China's territorial claims.

Delta Airlines declined to comment to Fox News on the treatment of Uyghur Muslims in China.

Apple has a history of doing business in China and has seen explosive growth in business in the nation; in the last quarter they also saw a 57% increase in sales in the Greater China region.

TRUMP CALLS BIDEN JOBS PLAN 'MASSIVE GIVEAWAY TO CHINA, SAYS IT WILL 'CRUSH AMERICAN WORKERS' The company was recently surrounded by controversy after Apple deleted the Swedish-based retailer H& M from Apple Maps in China.

Recently, H& M announced they would not be buying cotton from the region Xinjiang due to allegations of forced labor in the region. According to their website, Coca-Cola has invested$ 4 billion in China from 2015 to 2017 for future growth, building on$ 9 billion of investments that have been made in the market since 1979.

Coke, the greater China and Korea president Curt Furgeson also last year said that the company was in China for the long term.

We are here to invest, said Furgeson, we 're here to build it.

COTTON BOOSTS COVID 'LAB LEAK' THEORY, SLAMS WHO AS CHINESE SYCOPHANTS TO OBSEQUIOUS COMMUNISTS. In December last year, Coca-Cola and Apple reportedly lobbied to stop a bill that took aim at preventing American companies from importing a plethora of goods from Xinjiang.

Coca-Cola and Apple did not immediately respond to the Fox News request for comment on the genocide of Uyghurs in China's Xinjiang region.

The Chinese Communist Party has condemned the treatment of Uyghur Muslims by the lawmakers.

On Twiter Thursday, Marco Rubio, R-Fla. published a video on Twiter Thursday, excoriating Delta Airlines and the woke corporate hypocrites for their continued business in China as the genocide continues.


I look forward to a letter today from the CEO, telling everyone that what the Chinese Communist Party is doing with genocide is unacceptable, said Rubio.

I look forward to that letter saying that the genocide does not reflect the values of Delta Airlines.

Of course they 're not going to send this letter, neither is Coca-Cola. The senator continued that none of these corporations are out there proving to the world how awake they are, nor are they showing it up as in the world?

Because they are corporate hypocrites. Rubio slammed the companies for making billions of dollars in a nation without elections or respect for anyone or anything, and they do n't say a word about it. But in America, they 're ready to boycott a state to prove and show how woke they are, added Rubio. They are total and complete hypocrites.

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