Coronavirus fears at McDonald's in Indonesia after menu inspired by BTS

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JULY 11 - McDonald's was forced to close a few outlets in Indonesia earlier this week when the launch of a limited edition menu inspired by K-pop group BTS sparked frenzied excitement and fears of coronavirus contagion.

Videos shared with Reuters showed scenes of chaos on Wednesday, with rampant tables and chairs and delivery riders massing inside and outside of restaurants, prompting concerns about super-spreader events in a country with one of Asia's most stubborn COVID 19 outbreaks.

There have been small BTS buildsups elsewhere, including in the Philippines where a special app has appeared, and videos have been created on social media apps like TikTok of McDonald's staff in multiple outlets mimicking the boy band's moves.

Next week McDonald's will release The BTS Meal, which consist of nuggets, a soft drink fries and two sauces.

ABS-CBN News in the Philippines quoted a McDonald's statement saying preparations were made for high demand, including reinforcement of safety protocols. What do you mean with your recent PBCS report?

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