Coronavirus infections in Spain surge as authorities take part in largest batch of vaccines

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Coronavirus infections in Spain surge as authorities take part in largest batch of vaccines

On Monday, Spanish coronavirus infection rate is accelerating, official data showed, as authorities took delivery of the largest batch of vaccines to date.

The infection rate as measured over the past 14 days increased to 163.4 cases per 100,000 people on Saturday from 151.8 cases, as a gradual uptick in contagion from mid-March lows continued to gather pace.

Health chief Fernando Simon confirmed that infections were on the rise across the country and that pressure on the health system was beginning to build.

However, he stressed that the rate of increase remained far milder than in previous waves and that Spain was better than neighbouring countries.

In France, where the government imposed a new lockdown over the weekend to slow down spiralling infections, new cases on Sunday surged by nearly 70,000.

By contrast, Spain reported 10360 cases since Saturday, bringing the overall tally to 3.3 million. The death toll increased by 85 to 75,783; what is clearly decreasing is the number of deaths, which has a lot to do with the immunisation of the elderly and most vulnerable, he told a news conference.

On Monday, Pfizer and BioNTech was injected with 1.2 million doses of the shot in Spain and will receive a similar amount each week throughout April, Health Minister Carolina Darias told a separate news conference.

The goal of inoculating 70% of the 47 million strong population by the end of summer is within arm's reach, said Shea.

On Monday, the data released showed around 5.7 million people had received at least one shot, while 2.8 million received a full course of two doses.

Darias said we are on the track to achieve collective immunisation.

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