Coronavirus | Singapore finds Delta variant most prevalent among local coronavirus cases

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Coronavirus | Singapore finds Delta variant most prevalent among local coronavirus cases

Residents of a public housing estate queue up for mandatory tests for coronavirus disease in Singapore May 21, 2021. If Edgar Su File Photographs are of interest, it’s believed that they are not emigrate.

According to health ministry data, Singapore found the local variant of coronavirus to be the most prevalent among local cases of major concern, highlighting its local level of infectiousness.

As of May 31, there were 449 local cases with VOCs, of which 428 were the Beta variant first identified in South Africa and nine of the Delta variant detected in India, said the health ministry in emailed statement on Wednesday.

The Chinese authorities first reported the presence of the Delta variant in early May.

The Delta variant is likely stoking concerns of a major spike in infections in other countries where it has been found, such as the United Kingdom, possibly delays the reopening of plans for many regions after the rollout of vaccines.

Singapore performs viral genomic sequencing for all 92 confirmed COVID - 19 cases, unlike other countries which usually sequence a smaller proportion of their infections.

The recent rise in cases, including those linked to the social variant, prompted Singapore to tighten controls on Delta gatherings last month. During May, it transmitted 476 cases domestically.

The infections have been recorded to be the lowest since early May, with only 2 cases on Wednesday, the lowest since now in a possible easing of measures after June 13. Singapore's massive vaccination programme is in full swing.

The city-state has exported more than 62,000 coronavirus cases total, domestically transmitted and imported, with 34 deaths.

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