COVID - 19 pandemic boosts the use of gadgets in your home

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COVID - 19 pandemic boosts the use of gadgets in your home

The pandemic has boosted the use of gadgets in a typical American home to 25 connected devices, up from 11 in 2019, including laptops, smartphones, streaming devices, smart TVs, headphones and gaming consoles, according to a report by Deloitte.

The home has become the place of activities with children learning and playing games online and adults working from home, juggling video calls, shopping digitally and conducting doctor's appointments as virtual assistants.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was like a time machine that propelled us suddenly tens of years into the future, said Paul Silverglate, vice chairman of Deloitte, the multinational professional services company.

It has changed the way we interact with our connected devices, ultimately helping consumers, healthcare providers, education professionals, technology innovators and others in their everyday lives, he said.

Fitness has emerged as a key theme in the Deloitte survey with 58% households having a fitness tracker, while 14% of device owners bought their fitness gadgets after the pandemic.

Some 55% of people use their gadgets to measure aerobic steps and athletic performance, measure heart health and monitor sleep and calories.

Despite the increase in the number of devices, one-third of survey respondents admit that they feel overwhelmed by the devices and subscriptions they need to manage.

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