Czechs protest against President Milos Zeman for treason

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On Thursday about 10,000 Czechs rallied against President Milos Zeman in central Prague and argued for his removal from office for what they say are pro-Russian views that have no place in a European Union nation.

The rally in Wenceslas Square followed Zeman's suggestion last Sunday that Moscow was not necessarily behind the 2014 bomb explosion in the Czech Republic that killed two people and sparked a row between Russia and Prague.Protesters - who mostly avoided constitutional distancing due to the Coronavirus outbreak - called on senators to file a Social lawsuit against Zeman for treason that would remove him from office.Rallies took place in other cities across the nation of 10.7 million.

We must say another clear 'no' to the influence of President Zeman on the attitude of our country towards Russia, Hana Strasakova, a spokeswoman for the Million Moments group that organised the march police estimated at 10,000 people.

Let's first ask for a constitutional lawsuit against president Zeman for treason.

Zeman's statement that an accident should not be ruled out came after the Russian government said it suspected in 2018 that two Czech spies were also behind the explosion of ammunition dumps in Britain.

Moscow has denied any role in either event at all.

Zeman, head of state who appoints prime ministers but is not implicated in the day-to-day running of the country, has always expressed pro-Russian views.He has argued for the purchase of Russian Sputnik V-vaccinases and for inviting Rosatom to take part in a bid to build a nuclear power station in Russia.

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