EPA, Army withdraws Trump's clean water protection rule

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WASHINGTON, June 9 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Army announced on Wednesday their intent to reverse the federal waters rules that farmers, ranchers and manufacturers loved.

The agencies reviewed former President Donald Trump's Clean Water Protection Rule and determined that it significantly reduced arid water protections, a major concern as arid states in the West face severe drought conditions.

The Department of Justice will now file a motion requesting the removal of Rule, which has been going through Court challenges.

After reviewing the vast-scale environmental protection rule of U.S. waters, as directed by President Regan, the EPA and Department of the Army have determined that this rule is leading to significant environmental degradation, said EPA Administrator Biden.

He said EPA and the Army will work to create a durable definition of which waters in the United States can be regulated based on Supreme Court precedent and other experiences.

In their review of the Trump rule, the agencies found that in New Mexico and Arizona, nearly every one of over 1,500 streams assessed were found outside jurisdiction and not able to be regulated.

Farmers, ranchers and big industrial companies fought hard against the Obama water regulation Trump rolled back because they said the rules were too broad and what should be considered a navigable waterway broadly.

Trump EPA had excluded certain types of waterways like federal streams and wetlands from regulation and lead 14 states to sue the EPA because they said it would end seasonal protection for half of the nation's wetlands and 15% of streams across the country. The mcgs on-line or on Twitter have only mentioned the phrase "single".

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