EU seeks clarification on delays in deliveries of COVID - 19 vaccines

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BRUSSELS, 13 April 2016- The European Commission is seeking clarification from Johnson Johnson about its completely unexpected announcement of delays in deliveries of COVID 19 vaccines to the European Union, told an EU official Reuters on Tuesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, the European company said in a statement that it would delay the rollout of its vaccine in Europe and it was reviewing cases of extremely rare blood clots in people after they received the shot with an anti-coagulation substance with European health authorities.

The company had confirmed at a meeting on Friday that it would aim to deliver the contracted 55 million doses to the EU by the end of June, the official said.

The European Commission is in contact with the company to get clarification on the decision, added the official, declining to be named because the discussions are confidential.

A Commission spokesman said the EU executive was looking into the matter, but there was no comment at this stage.

J& J did not immediately reply to questions on whether the delay could affect delivery targets in the EU.

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