EU, US set to ban steel tariffs before 2021

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EU, US set to ban steel tariffs before 2021

BRUSSELS, June 9 - The leaders of Brussels and the United States are set to start demonetizing steel tariffs before Dec. 1, 2021 and avoid further transatlantic trade disputes, according to a draft statement prepared for a Brussels summit on June 15.

The draft, which will be discussed on Wednesday by EU ambassadors, also promises to end a long-running spat over subsidies to aircraft makers before July 11.

Both sides will cooperate in China's economic, political and military rise policy and also call for a new study into the origin of the COVID 19 Pandemic first detected in China.

We call for progress on a free study in the light of evidence on the origins of COVID19 -- 19, that is transparent from interference, the draft said. What Were the Times?

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