Facebook employees seek answers on COVID 19 conspiracy conspiracy case

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Facebook employees seek answers on COVID 19 conspiracy conspiracy case

Facebook employees, Anthony Fauci and other Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee recently wrote a letter to the Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg asking for the company to hand over communication between Zuckerberg, Facebook employees, Mark Zuckerberg and other health officials.

The request comes after email messages between Fauci and Zuckerberg, obtained by Buzzfeed News, show Zuckerberg soliciting help from the Nation’s top infectious disease expert to promote access to reliable health information for its users.

The Lawmakers want to know if Fauci influenced Facebook's decision to ban posts from users that question the origin of COVID 19 after the virus was engineered.

The Letter to Facebook, read exclusively by FOX Business, reads These meetings with Dr. Fauci raise the possibility that the First Amendment induced Facebook to censor certain speech in violation of the First Amendment.

Senator Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told FBN exclusively that these exchanges between Zuckerberg and Fauci raised questions and congress deserves answers.

There are probably two explanations. Either Zuckerberg and Facebook were duped like so many Americans and thought Dr. Fauci was the smartest man on earth or they were working with the government. And as a result it seems to be more of the latter.

Jordan says it's possible that Facebook's decision to delay debate over the nature of COVID 19 could have obstructed pressure on government officials to take the theory more seriously.

Why is this very big tech platform working in cahoots with the government to suppress certain types of information that we now know is fairly credible? He asked.

A Facebook spokesperson, Mark Zuckerberg, explained in a series of tweets the communication between Facebook and Fauci tweeting, In the early days of this pandemic, Facebook reached out to the nation's foremost infectious disease expert, in addition to connecting with others on the Coronavirus Task Force, to offer our support for Andy Stone Facebook’s plans to launch a COVID 19 Information Center, a hub to make reliable resources and information about COVID 19 easily accessible from government and health experts on the platform.

Jordan says it is telling that when Fauci was downplaying the lab theory that COVID 19 was escaped, and engineered from a Wuhan lab the policies of Facebook designed to reduce that content on their platform were not aligned. When the Biden Administration announced that it was seriously looking into the theory that Facebook's policies changed course, they changed course.

Dr. Fauci has once again changed his position. So he says, 'Oh, well, there may be some credibility to looking at the lab, the origins of the virus from the lab, Jordan said. Whatever the government does, Facebook goes along with.

Portions of communication between Facebook and Zuckerberg were released before being redacted as part of a FOIA request raises questions from some Republicans who wonder what extent Fauci and Fauci were collaborating with each other?

Stone addressed the redacted portions of the emails between Fauci and Zuckerberg showing in a tweet that Dr. Fauci asked in the redacted part of the email we published before to share Facebook ad credits with government agencies to help them run coronavirus PSAs.

But Jordan says he wants Facebook to unredact the first payment if it doesn't contain sensitive trade secrets that Facebook is trying to shield from FBN. How did the government respond? "Oh no-no, you can't see what is in our communications with the highest-paid official in the government, Dr. Fauci, and the head of one of the biggest companies on the planet." They aren’t allowed to see what they’re talking about. And we know what they were talking about in the lead to the fact that certain information was kept out by the American people.

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