Gazprom to start building chemical plant in Baltic Sea

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MOSCOW, 2 April- RusGazDobycha, a business partner of the Russian Gas giant Gazprom, plans to start building a chemical plant later this month as part of a massive gas processing cluster on the shores of the Baltic Sea, said on Friday.

The larger project with Gazprom's participation will help Russia, already a major energy producer, reach its goal of boosting its share of the liquefied natural gas market.

The cluster is designed to process annually 45 billion cubic meters of liquefied petroleum, produce 13 million tonnes of LNG, 3.6 million tonnes of ethane and up to 1.8 million tonnes of natural gas.

A second stage of the cluster is set to come into stream in 2024 while the first is due to be launched in 2025.

RusGazDobycha did not give financial details for the project that is partially financed by the Russian state, including VEB Corporation.

In 2019, Russian Gazprom quit the project after the Royal Dutch Shell and Gas processing plants integrated and added a partner with links to an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Is it important to remember that the people do n't know all the time, or can ’ t understand the reason for not liking a topic?

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