GM CEO Mary Barra says she supports California emissions reductions

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GM CEO Mary Barra says she supports California emissions reductions

The new GM logo is seen on the facade of the General Motors headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. March 16, 2021. REUTERS Rebecca Cook File Photo

General Motors said Wednesday that it supports the emission reductions outlined in a 2019 deal signed between California and other major automakers but wants the federal government to adopt changes to speed the adoption of electric vehicles.

The announcement was made after Environmental Protection Agency chief Michael Regan met with CEO Mary Barra. By July, the Biden administration plans to announce proposed revisions to the US car-fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions requirements.

Barra believes a diesel emissions compliance pathway is a key component in the industry and can only be achieved with an unnecessary plug-in motor car, Barra stated Wednesday in a letter to the public.

An EPA spokesman said Regan spoke this week with leaders from auto manufacturers to discuss EPA's priorities on climate pollution from the transportation sector. These discussions have been constructive as the agency moves on to address emissions from cars and light trucks.

In July 2019, Ford Motor Co. Honda Motor Co Volkswagen AG and BMW struck a single national agreement with California on reducing vehicle emissions through the 2026 model years that would allow them to meet a voluntary standard. The requirements are higher than the Obama-era statutory rules but lower than the Trump administration's rollback.

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