Google to build the world's longest undersea cable

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Google to build the world's longest undersea cable

The logo of Google is seen on a building at the La Defense Business and financial district in Courbevoie near Paris, France on September 1, 2020 REUTERS Charles Platiau Lebusciau was struck by a fire on John Reulous.

Google said it was building an undersea cable that would connect America, Uruguay and Argentina in order to improve Internet connection capacity between these regions.

The cable, called Firmina, will be the longest cable in the world, Google wrote in a blog post, adding that it will run from the east coast of the United States to Praia Grande, Brazil and Punta del Este, Uruguay with additional landings in Las Toninas, Argentina.

Firmina is bringing accessibility to services from Google to users in South America. With 12 fiber pairs the cable will carry traffic between North and South America, providing low speed access to Google apps like search, Gmail and YouTube, as well as GO Cloud services, Google said.

This announcement also comes amid a surge in demand for internet and cloud services as the COVID-19 Pandemic has pushed more work, shopping and entertainment online.

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