House panel to discuss ways to expand low-carbon aviation fuel

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House panel to discuss ways to expand low-carbon aviation fuel

Members of a subcommittee of the U.S. House of RepresentativesU.S. House of Representatives are scheduled to meet with representatives from the aerospace and biofuels industries on Tuesday to discuss ways to expand production of low-carbon aviation fuel, a panel spokeswoman said.

The meeting is part of a broader push by legislators to decarbonise energy and climate legislation amid the calls by U.S. President Joe Biden'sBiden's administration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly and immediately decarbonize the U.S. economy by 2050.

The Aviation subcommittee of the Democratic-led House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is set to meet with the Low Carbon Fuels provider World Energy, the Advanced Biofuels Association and Airlines for America, among others, two sources familiar with the meeting said.

The industry of biofuels represents about 30 companies and airlines industry group represents about 10 airlines and delivery companies.

The virtual meeting is intended to educate subcommittee members on so-called traditional jet fuel, an alternative to animal fat, available cooking oil and plant oils, the sources said.

Such fuels are considered more environmentally friendly because they help replace new petroleum products while still introducing new uses for wastes that would otherwise be thrown out.

Airlines and renewable fuel producers have promoted sustainable aviation fuel as a way to help reduce carbon emissions in the aviation industry, though it is currently expensive to make and would require subsidies to be competitive.

The Biden administration last month issued a new tax proposal that includes a blender's tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel, which the Treasury Department said would enable the decarbonization of a key part of the U.S. transportation industry

Air travel contributes to around 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions according to the Air Transport Action Group, a coalition of aviation experts focused on sustainability issues.

In March, the aviation subcommittee asked the government accountability office, the investigative arm of the federal government, to assess questions on sustainable transportation fuel, including what role the government plays in facilitating its development and what specific laws or policies inhibit it from its production in the U.S.

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