House panel wants Mark Zuckerberg to release emails on COVID 19 origin

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House panel wants Mark Zuckerberg to release emails on COVID 19 origin

Retired House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Mr. James Comer, R-Ohio and House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Mark Zuckerberg in a letter to Facebook CEO Jim Jordan on the origin of COVID 19 penned - Brooklyn.

The letter, obtained exclusively by FOX Business, demands that the social media giant hands over emails between Zuckerberg and government officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci.

These communications with Dr. Fauci raised the possibility that the federal government has censored certain speech in violation of the First Amendment, the letter states.

It went on to say that Government should not enlist private firms in order to skirt the First Amendment. When a company, especially one with the Facebook market dominance, tramples free speech at the behest of the government, it tramples citizens' constitutional rights.

Until two weeks ago Facebook banned content claiming that COVID 19 was man-made. A Facebook spokesperson said the decision to waive the ban was made in light of the ongoing investigation into coronavirus origins.

In the letter censored on Wednesday, Republicans said lifting the ban is an admission that Facebook should have censored the content in the first place never.

When Hillary Vaughn asked FOX Business if allowing discussion of COVID origins would have helped lawmakers reach answers faster, he replied: the simple answer is we don't know but it definitely would have helped.

Although some emails between Zuckerberg and Fauci were redacted under the Freedom of Information Act parts were released.

This is why we want to know what's occurring in the redaction and how it's impactful. In my view, it can't be classified information. Is it a secret information? What is it? Jordan said. Why did the government say, oh, no, no, you can't see what is in conversation with the highest-paid doctor at the government, Dr. Fauci, and one of the biggest companies on planet? You are not allowed to see what they are talking about. And we know what they were talking about led to the fact that certain information was kept for American citizens.

In a set of tweets on Wednesday morning, Facebook reached out to the nation's foremost infectious disease expert on the Coronavirus Task Force in order to give us advice during the early days of the Pandemic.

The thread continued, Dr. Fauci shared with Mark Zuckerberg the plans to launch a COVID 19 information center, a hub for government and health experts easy available on the platform; in the redacted part of the email, Dr. Fauci told Dr. Zuckerberg of our plan that we had described in our company blog weeks earlier.

Facebook is not legally obliged to disclose private emails.

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