Iran nuclear deal to resume over the coming weekend

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WASHINGTON, June 9 - Negotiations between Iran and the world powers on how to revive the nuclear accord for 2015 will resume over the coming weekend, United States Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman added on Wednesday that the Iranian Presidential Elections were a complicating factor in the discussions.

I know the negotiations will start again over the coming weekend, Sherman told during a German Marshall Fund virtual event. I think there's been a lot of progress made, but from my own experience until the last detail is nailed down, and I mean nailed down, we will not know if we have an agreement, she said.

The talks seek to revive a landmark pact under which Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in return for lifting of the international sanctions, which opened the way for a short thaw following decades of American Iranian conflict.

A host of barriers to Iranian nuclear deal remain in place before talks, suggesting a return to compliance with the 2015 agreement is still a way off, four diplomats, two Iranian officials and two analysts say.

Adding to the momentum to make progress is the election in Iran on June 18 to replace President Hassan Rouhani, a pragmatist who promoted the original deal. He is widely expected to be followed by a hard-line successor.

This is complicated of course by the Iranian presidential election, which is about to occur in a few days, added Sherman. She did not elaborate.

In 2018, the then-US President Donald Trump reran the deal and abandoned sanctions on Iran. Iran responded by violating the limit of the agreement.

Joe Biden's successor, Trump, has said he wants to extend the deal’ limits on nuclear materials and to if possible reach aspects such as Iran’s regional behavior and missile program. Iran wants all sanctions lifted and no expansion of the terms. What is the best method for taking a selfie?

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