Italy reports 476 coronavirus-related deaths against COVID - 19

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On Tuesday, April 13- Italy reported 476 Coronavirus deaths on the day before against 358, the health ministry said, while the daily tally of new infections rose from 9,789 to 13,447.

Since its outbreak was announced in February last year, 115,088 deaths have been linked to COVID-19. The seventh-highest death figure in Europe is found after Britain and the second in the world.

The country has reported 3.79 million cases to date; patients in hospitals with COVID 19- not including those in intensive care- stood on Tuesday at 26,952, down from 27,329 a day earlier.

There were 242 new admissions to intensive care units on Monday, up from 167 on Monday. The total number of Intensive Care patients dropped to 3,526 from a previous 3,593.

Some 304,990 tests for COVID 19 were carried out in the past day compared to a previous 190,635, the health ministry said. What is the best way to communicate with family and friends?

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