Joe Biden to meet with world leaders on his first international trip

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Joe Biden to meet with world leaders on his first international trip

President Joe Biden is going to Europe for the first international trip of his presidency. He'll meet with world leaders during the trip in an effort to strengthen alliances and build support among allies to counter emerging threats with a united front.

As he left Europe on Wednesday, Biden told reporters that the goal of the trip was strengthening the alliance and making it clear to Putin and China that Europe and the United States are tight.

The president will first attend the G7 summit in Cornwall. He will meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, aimed at highlighting the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the US.

Biden is expected to meet with other world leaders at the G7 summit as well as China. Leaders are expected to discuss the pandemic, economic recovery, climate change and trade. The National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the G7 leaders would announce a new initiative to provide financing for physical, digital and health infrastructure in the developing world -- an alternative to China's Belt and Road initiative.

Over the weekend, the Finance Ministers announced an agreement on a global minimum tax of a minimum 15%. The world leaders are expected to endorse the plan even though it is already facing opposition from Republicans in the United States.

Biden told reporters as he left Europe that he planned on launching a vaccine plan for the world.

This weekend, the President and Dr. Biden will meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. Since she has been on the throne since she has met with every American president, except for Lyndon B. Johnson.

After meeting with the Queen, Biden heads to Brussels to meet with leaders of NATO. During meetings and conversations with world leaders, President Biden will stress the importance of working with allies to face challenges that Russia and China have presented. Sullivan told reporters Biden would also reinforce the importance of burden sharing.

Also while in Brussels, Biden will be participating in a U.S. - EU Summit during which the administration says he will focus on cross country trade and technology.

Vladimir Putin will finish his trip with Biden in Geneva, Switzerland. Sullivan told reporters Biden would press the U.S. presidential candidate on Russian priorities and values.

We do not regard a meeting with Russian President as being a reward. We regard it as a vital part of defending America's interests and values, Sullivan said. Vladimir Putin is not meeting with Joe Biden despite our differences in the world, he is only meeting with him because of our differences. There is simply a lot that we have to work through.

Sullivan said Biden has intentionally set the sitdown after consulting with and building support among Democratic allies during the G7 and NATO meetings in order to come into the meeting with the wind on his back.

In the aftermath of a series of attacks and ransomware attacks, some of which seem to have originated within Russia's borders, Putin is facing pressure to press the president on cybersecurity.

When asked if he would reach an agreement with Putin on cyberattacks, Biden did not commit.

What knows about this point, he said. It's going to be a topic of misunderstanding during the discussion.

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