Manchester United co-chairman apologises to fans for breakaway European Super League project

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21 April - Manchester United co-chairman Joel GlazerGlazer has apologised to supporters for the club's involvement in the breakaway European Super LeagueSuper League project, saying the hierarchy failed to show respect to the deep-rooted traditions of English game. United were among the six Premier League clubs that had signed up for the venture before withdrawing on Tuesday amid a storm of protests from fans, players and British government. Glazer continued to believe that European football needs to become more sustainable throughout the pyramid for the long-term, said joel-glazer on Wednesday - writes an open letter to man-utd supporters-april 2021? Utm medium post&utm source Twitter to the supporters However, we fully accept that Super League was not the right way to go about it. In seeking to create a more stable foundation for the game, we failed to show enough respect for its deep-rooted traditions - promotion, relegation, pyramid - and for that we are sorry. Andrea Agnelli, founder and chairman of the Breakaway Super League and Juventus, said earlier on Wednesday that the project could not go ahead after several founding clubs withdrew. Glazer assured supporters that the necessary steps will be taken to rebuild relationships with stakeholders across the game as they look for solutions to the long-term challenges facing the football pyramid. However, the club's Supporters Trust described the decision to break away as a watershed moment and said fans could not carry on as if nothing happened. We all know until they felt forced to withdraw, they were determined to continue with their Super League project regardless of opposition, a MUST spokesperson said. The message we want to hear from owners is that they are introducing the Fan Share Scheme which begins the transfer of ownership to the real supporters of our club - the people who have its best interests at heart. I want to talk about the importance of a solid service by the government, but not the others.

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