Mexico is entering a completely new phase of ties with the US

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MEXICO CITY, June 9 - Mexican President Kamala Harris said Wednesday that Mexico was entering a completely new phase of relations with the United States. A day after a visit by Mexican Vice President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to Mexico City, the United States led a foreign country in his statement.

Calling Harris an extraordinary woman, Lopez Obrador said that meetings, during which the two countries agreed to consolidate economic ties and invest to improve conditions in Central America to stem illegal immigration had been very good.

It's a completely normal phase, he told reporters at a new government news conference. It was such a good meeting that I called her 'president'.

Harris' visit will be followed by a US trip to Mexico by U.S. On June 14 to work with Mexico on how to address the shared border of the Pandemics, Homeland Security-Chair Marcelo Ebrard said last night.

Because the restrictions would not be lifted at once, the United States and Mexico would coordinate the reopening and discussions with Mayorkas would be held on 15 June he added.

Harris also pointed during her visit to Mexico's interest in helping Washington bring a new labor reform that aims to strengthen the rights of its workers.

Trade unions in Mexico want the Mexican government to improve the rights of organized labor to increase wages and reduce incentives to outsource jobs to the United States and Canada.

Lopez Obrador said Mexico needed to increase wages to narrow the gap between Mexican workers and their U.S. counterparts, citing the automotive sector as an example. If you have experience with youth, there are always times. To study and promote it.

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