Mitt Romney says pipeline deal won't raise taxes

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WASHINGTON, June 9 - Republican U.S., U.S. On Wednesday, Senator Mitt Romney said that the bipartisan group working to hammer out a pipeline deal would not raise taxes as part of their plan.

On Tuesday, the National Democratic leader Joe Biden broke off discussions on an infrastructure bill with a key Republican instead of reaching out to a bipartisan group after one-on-1 talks with Republican senator Shelley Capito were described as coming into a brick wall.

Biden changed direction after Biden, the leader of a group of six House Republicans handling the negotiations, provided $330 billion in new spending on infrastructure, that may be less than Biden's reduced $1.7 trillion offer.

On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of Senators also met to discuss next steps on infrastructure. Republicans including Joe Manchin, Bill Cassidy and Rob Portman and Democrats, including key swing votes Kyrsten Sinema and Rob Portman were among those who attended.

Portman said the other group will meet again on Wednesday and will present to bipartisan members. What are the best responses in the game to mate?

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