Mortgage refinance rates remain unchanged, according to Credible

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Mortgage refinance rates remain unchanged, according to Credible

Based on the data compiled by Credible, current mortgage refinance rates have remained unchanged compared to yesterday when 15-year rate declines back to the February lows.

The rate was last updated on May 11, 2021.These rates are based on the assumptions shown here.Actual rates may vary.

At 2.469%, the average mortgage refinance rate is the lowest since Feb. 12, 2021.Meanwhile, rates across all borrowing types have continued to linger near historical lows for most of March, especially the 15 year fixed which is down to 2.125% this week.

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The 30-year fixed rate for a current rate refinance is 2.875%.This is the same as yesterday.

The fixed rate for a 20 year refinance is 2.750%.This is the same as yesterday.

The fixed rate for a 15-year refinance is 2.125% at current rates.This is the same as yesterday.

The current rate for a fixed rate refinance of a 10 year period is 2.125%This is the same as yesterday.

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Last updated rate on May 11, 2021.These rates are based on assumptions listed here.Actual rates may vary.

Today mortgage rate have fallen compared to the last week in this time.

30-year fixed rate refinance rate: 2.875%, the same as last week

Fax 15 percent: 2.750% fixed refinance rate at 20-year rate as last week, the same as last week

15 - year fixed refinance rates down from 2.125% to 2.250% last week, - 0.125

Base Rate for 10 year loan: 2.125%, the same as last week

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Rates last updated on May 11, 2021.These rates are based on the assumptions shown here :Actual rates may vary.

Current rates, like mortgage interest rates in general, are affected by many economic factors including unemployment and inflation.However, your personal financial history will also be used to determine the interest rates you are offered when refinancing your mortgage.

How can you get the lowest mortgage refinance rates available?

If you want to get a lower mortgage and refinance any other debts, consolidating your credit score could be beneficial.It is also better to compare rates from banks if you're doing a refinance, so that you can find the best rate for your situation.

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Before you dive into the refinancing of mortgages, be sure to check out these loan rates which can be compared by annual percentage rate as well as interest rate.

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