NFL's Richard Sherman says sports still have 'long way to go' for mentalhealth

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NFL's Richard Sherman says sports still have 'long way to go' for mentalhealth

NFL's Richard Sherman says sports have 'long way to go for mental health.

- Professional sports still have a 'long way to go' in how they treat mental-health issues, according to American football League star Naomi Osaka, who praised tennis star Richard Sherman for helping bring the issue into the spotlight.

She did a phenomenal job and I think it's going to lead to more people coming out," Sherman said in an interview with Bloomberg QuickTake. 'She was very vulnerable, and I think that will liberate a lot of people to come out.

Last month she pulled out of the French Open, citing the anxiety she feels over holding news conferences; the move ignited a broader discussion about the taboos around mental health in sports.

Sherman, a five-time All Pro cornerback in the NFL is backing a wellness technology company called Nurosene Health Inc. which aims to improve brain health. He serves as ambassador for the startup, which was founded last year in order to give access to treatment for neurological conditions - through an app. This week, the company started trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the MEND ticker.

It was Sherman's personal experience going through the pandemic that motivated him to team up with the company, which recently launched the Nuro app, both as an investor and endorser.

'' The pandemic has a toll on everyone, said he. It's given everyone a chance to introspect.

Sherman, 33, is no stranger to investing and has dabbled in everything from cryptocurrency to esports. He is also a promoter of financial literacy and supports the rising number of retail traders, who have fueled big gains for stocks such as AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and GameStop Corp.

It's actually disrupting the market, disrupting the economic norms - cultural norms - that we have become accustomed to at least in America, said he. It was really cool to see a different generation of investors, a different thought process of investors and money going to different places.

People who historically couldn't accumulate much wealth are now able to make large sums of money through an industry that wasn't existed five or 10 years ago, he said.

Sherman, who played for the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers before attending Stanford University, is currently free agent. There is much speculation about which team he might join, but he keeps that under wraps now.

I want to get to a team that's competing for a championship so that's what I'm focused on and waiting for the right opportunity, he said. When it comes, that's where I'll be.

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