Norway to relax some of its COVID - 19 restrictions

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Norway to relax some of its COVID - 19 restrictions

Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced on Tuesday that OSLO Norway will start to curb some restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and allow more people to gather in private homes and at events from Friday.

The easing of rules at national level will not affect areas where the infection rate is the highest, such as in the capital region, she said.

The infection numbers are now down; hospitals are fewer. Solberg told a news conference that the measures look to have had an effect. From the start of the pandemic, Norway has had some of Europe's lowest rates of infections and deaths, but imposed stricter measures in March after a more contagious increase in hospitalisations caused by more contagious variants of coronaviruses.

Norwegians will again be allowed from Friday to serve up to five guests in private homes, up from two currently, and restaurants can open their own liquor under certain conditions.

Norway is thus removing some of the restrictions that were initially identified in late March, the toughest that have been seen so far in some hard-hit areas such as in the capital region, where the more contagious variant now dominates in Britain as B.



Solberg last week presented a four-step plan for easing Norway's restrictions, hoping three steps could be completed by the end of June, potentially removing many restrictions on travel ahead of the summer holidays, unless new setbacks emerge.

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