NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang hospitalized due to kidney stone

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NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang hospitalized due to kidney stone

Andrew Yang, a candidate for the New York City mayor, was hospitalized on Friday due to what appears to be a kidney stone.

His campaign manager said it would not be possible to find out if Andrew Yang is disabled.

After experiencing abdominal pain, Chris Coffey went to an emergency room and is now with his wife Evelyn, co-campaign manager Yang said on Twitter.

His events for the day are cancelled, but he looks forward to getting back on the trail soon, Coffey wrote.

Yang built an ardent grassroots following during his attempt last year to become the nominee for the Democratic Party by a pledge to create a universal basic income that would pay every American$ 1,000 a month.

More than a dozen other candidates have also launched campaigns in the New York City race, including Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, New York City Comptroller Dan Maya Wiley and the infamous Bill de Blasio, a civil rights activist and lawyer who previously worked for current mayor Scott Stringer.

Registered democrats will vote for their candidate on June 22 before the general election on Nov. 2.

A native New Yorker and an Ivy League-educated son of Taiwanese immigrants, Yang would be the first Asian-American mayor of the city.

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