Police in India make people wear skull and crossbones sign to encourage more vaccinations

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LUCKNOW, India, 10 June 2015 police in rural India have made some citizens who had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus wear signs with a skull and crossbones - the universal symbol for danger - stimulating anger in a country where shotguns are being in short supply.

Officers in the center of Madhya Pradesh in the state of Niwari said they introduced the policy to encourage more vaccinations.

Watching the low vaccination rate in our district we decided to honor the people who got vaccinated, but then we found a large number of people who were not vaccinated; Reuters told Santosh Patel on Thursday, a sub-divisional police officer based in the Prithvipur block of Niwari district.

So to teach them a lesson and encourage them to get inoculated, we administered an oath to get them vaccinated as soon as possible.

Those who were vaccinated were given a sign with the colours of the Indian flag in which I am a nationalist.

Those who were not vaccinated were given a skull and crossbones sign saying do not come close to me, I am not vaccinated. Please stay away from me, according to Patel and video footage from the District. Some people were seen wearing the signs taped to their chests.

The policy has provoked anger online, social media users calling it an insult and stigmatising.

Around 14% of residents in rural areas like Niwari have received one inoculation against coronavirus and the vaccination rates in Madhya Pradesh among the lowest in the country.

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