Prince Charles to meet global business leaders ahead of G 7 summit

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British Prince Charles will hold a meeting of bosses from some of the world's leading companies on Thursday as part of his campaign to promote a sustainable economic future and ahead of their meeting with G-7 leaders, his office said.

Charles, who has spent much of his life campaigning for business and governments to take more care of environmental issues, will meet leaders from Bank of America, AstraZeneca, NatWest and Heathrow Airport among others.

We have a potentially game-changer opportunity to transform the partnership between government, business and finance that are absolutely vital if we want to win the battle to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Charles is expected to tell them according to his office.

Unless we get more efficient in using the private sector's resources, innovation and finance, we won't stand a chance.

Those attending the event at St James's Palace in central London will be representatives of more than 300 business leaders who have signed up to a coalition of the Willing', which was launched by the Prince as part of his Sustainable Markets Initiative which was launched last year.

Also heading to the meeting will be Alok Sharma, the U.S. climate envoy and the UK's president COP 26 John Kerry.

It comes a day before the Chief Executives meet their first official face-to-face with G7 leaders who are gathering in Cornwall, southwest England, with a focus on building a sustainable future.

At that meeting, companies will announce three initiatives to help accelerate investment in innovative projects and promote low-carbon schemes to help meet climate changes goals.

The private sector has a huge role to play in accelerating the shift to clean, green technology and creating jobs of the future. I'm delighted to see so many major companies working together under the Prince of Wales initiative to support this endeavor, said British prime minister Boris Johnson. Which is the best way to say that we like you, and at tadpoles?

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