Ray McGuire: I don't have a plan to raise taxes

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Ray McGuire: I don't have a plan to raise taxes

Former Citigroup executive and New York City mayoral candidate Maria, when discussing his blueprint for economic recovery, said that he does not have a plan to raise taxes on FOX Business' Mornings with Ray McGuire.

I don't plan to raise taxes. RAY MCGUIRE: I don't have any plans.I think given the effectiveness of the Connecticut Leadership in the form of Sen. Chuck Schumer and the federal leadership here, the effectiveness of that has given $15 billion of federal assistance to New York.My plan for economic recovery tinkered with new $3 billion.And so this $15 billion, based on how well it is used, is enough to prosper and grow the city, to focus on the lifeblood of the city which is the small businesses.

The taxes take place at the state level.I don't think punitive taxes were necessary, I think there were some.We don't need to do more taxes.I've said, before the stimulus package that we have received from the government, that those who had the resources, if it were needed, would have to step up, including myself.What I then have to say is that some of the taxes that are levied have been punitive.We don't need taxes today.We have enough resources to sustain the process.

We need to bring this city together.We need to manage our business. We need high taxpayers.I want all taxpayers in New York City to grow up the bank.I want to invite businesses - this needs to be the business-friendly centre of the country.It also needs a big technology center of the country.The future of New York City, the future of this country should rest here.

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