Russia's Yandex.Drive to launch its own car-sharing platform

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Russia's Yandex.Drive to launch its own car-sharing platform

Yandex.Drive, the car-sharing company owned by Russian Internet Group Yandex, will launch a platform for customers that can be used to operate their own vehicle fleets according to the head of e-commerce and ride-tech business at the company.

The new platform, which has been tested on a Yandex.Drive fleet of around 16,000 vehicles, would be offered to taxi companies, freight operators and logistics firms around the globe, Daniil Shuleiko told Reuters.

I think this will be a very significant share in the revenue of the service, Shuleiko said.

In the first quarter, Yandex.Drive revenue jumped to 26.6 billion roubles year on year, while the taxi revenue amounted to 2.5 billion roubles.

The platform features vehicle movements, providing driving profiles and identifying dangerous driving. It also forecasts how emergency situations would be handled and predicts fuel consumption.

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