Saudi Arabia's Aramco to raise $6 billion on U.S. dollar note sale

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DUBAI, June 9 - Saudi Arabian oil group Aramco is expected to raise $6 billion on Wednesday as the company returned to the international debt markets with its first U.S. dollar note-denominated Islamic bond sale consisting of three tranches, a document showed.

Pricing guidance on the Islamic bond or sukuk to around 70 basis points over the U.S. Treasuries for a two-year tranche, around 90 bps over UST for a five-year tranche and almost 125 bps over UST for a 10-year tranche, all plus or minus 5 bps, the document from one of the banks on the deal showed in the document.

Orders on the sale, which is expected to close later on Wednesday, topped $55 billion.

Initial guidance was around 105 bps over UST for the three-year bonds, about 125 bps over UST for the five-year notes and around 160 bps over UST for the 10 year tranche.

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