Sen. Blackburn: Mark Zuckerberg should testify on COVID - 19

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Sen. Blackburn: Mark Zuckerberg should testify on COVID - 19

The GOP is demanding answers from Facebook in its censorship of coronavirus origins in their relationship with Dr. Marsha Blackburn and Sen. Anthony Fauci, Sen. told FOX Business Tonight that she agrees Mark Zuckerberg should provide some answers.

She should be called to testify on this issue, said Mark Zuckerberg. If it turns out that they knew early that there was a possibility of an engineered virus and a leak from that lab, and there was work to suppress this information, that is something that needs to be done under the name. It should be delved into.

Blackburn revealed the plans of the Senate to investigate the matter from several different oversight committees including the commerce Committee investigating the loss of information and the judiciary committee holding Big Tech accountable.

You see this email trail between Dr. Mark Zuckerberg and his team and the team, where they're really running a PR strategy and cherry-picking data and stats to build a narrative they want to say.

Dr. Fauci was protecting herself and covering himself, not the American people, she said. Which should be investigated.

The U.S. Republican pushed that Dr. Fauci's involvement with China and the Wuhan laboratory leak theory has to continue to be investigated since the American people deserve to know the truth.

Why did they choose to hide it from the Americans? She asked. Why did they change the narrative about what you should do and not do?

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