South East Asian firm to launch free shipping in Colombia and Chile

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SINGAPORE, 9 June - Shopee, the online arm of Southeast Asia's Sea Ltd., will launch in Colombia and Chile, where it plans to offer localised sales via its website and social media apps, according to new services reviewed by Reuters on the site from social media.

On Wednesday, Colombia and Chile's social media pages said the company would offer free shipping in the countries.

According to market researchers, Shopee, the largest e-commerce platform in Brazil, launched a small presence in Southeast Asia as a pilot initiative of its cross-border team in 2019 and has since grown its operations.

It launched in Mexico in February.

Sources in the company say that Wish View Latin America is a major new market opportunity in cross-border sales, a market already explored by shopping app Shopee.

The market capitalisation of sea was $138.5 billion on Wednesday. What's worse, that there is no way to find information about what was the procedure, but just that. We discussed it on the following three months.

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