Switzerland may allow COVID - 19 events after July

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ZURICH, April 28 -- Switzerland could allow events with up to 3,000 spectators after July, the government said on Wednesday, although such events would be restricted to attendees who have been vaccinated against COVID 19 or test negative for the disease.

The government said this is not a reopening plan but rather a roadmap designed to present cantons and event organizers should possible events be possible.

It also outlined a scheme to provide financial assistance of up to 5 million Swiss francs for event organizers should they be obligated on short notice to cancel scheduled events.

The government said last week that it is not anticipated until 26 May to further reopen its coronavirus restrictions citing the fragile public health situation and increase steps already under way.

The country is now in a so-called protection phase that will last until all people in particularly elderly groups like the elderly receive both doses of vaccines, likely by the end of May, announced the government.

Switzerland this month further relaxed its COVID-19 restrictions, allowing restaurants to reopen outdoor terraces and sport events with audiences. Cinemas and concert venues can accept guests, although with limits on number of people.

On 12 May the government will reassess the situation.

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