Texas attorney general says White House won't allow him to visit migrant facility

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Texas attorney general says White House won't allow him to visit migrant facility

Donna said Tuesday that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton denied requests to visit the migrant facility in Texas from the White House.Marie joined Mornings with Paxton to refute the claims of the administration that no one can visit due to possible COVID-19 exposure.

It's a catastrophe.I have spent a lot of time down here the last couple of days talking to sheriffs who have to deal with this crisis.I've talked to the border police, we've spoke to customs and immigration.I've talked to our own state police.And it's a disaster.

And when you go see some of these facilities and you see these kids who are sitting there wondering where what's going to happen to them? Where are they going?They're all spreading together with possibly confined COVIDCOVID.It is a disaster.

When you enter the Donna - facility what happened to you? What is the best way to visit MARIA BARTIROMO?

So we turned down the PAXTON PLAXTON!

BARTIROMO, you're the Attorney General, and you were turned down?

They do not want me to see the Donna facility.And that's directly from Washington. However, from officials in Washington who have directed that I shouldn’t be allowed into the facility because of COVID.

They don't want you to know what is going on on the border.They don't want you talking to local police, sheriffs or whoever.They don't want their story to be out and made public.They have no intention of drawing attention to it, so they're not going to do so.

The president and vice-president will not come here.That's why they do not want reporters.That's why they don't want state officials in their facilities as they don't want us to know what is going on there.

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