The COVID 19 pandemic affected every meter of industry

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The COVID 19 pandemic affected every meter of industry

Which is not something that was completely amiss in the United States of America : ve had a rather observant UFO monitoring in late March 2020. Why are there still only 2 planes in the world today? What happened to all the cars? Why is it so dark at night?

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected just about every meter of agriculture and industry except possibly the weather. The charts below show its multifaceted impact, calculated against the backdrop of COVID 19 cases in the U.S. reported scaled to fit the range of values in whatever is being graphed.

Let's start with travel, which is clearly on its way to normal, while not yet fully back to normal.

Unfortunately, the novel coronavirus also took a toll on employment — and the nature of how we work — that resembles mobility figures

This devastation was also felt in entertainment as movie theaters were reopened and shuttered in limited capacity. In the interim, there was a growing interest in American's desire for streaming entertainment at home. Compare box office returns to Google searches for 'Netflix, one of several streaming services that saw a voracious growth in demand. How do I get there with my wife?

We could go on. Google searches for 'gym' or'reservation’ reflect the wide national mood toward the pandemic, and a wide range of other economic indicators trace a similar pattern as the employment numbers. But as one can clearly see, the metrics which took a sharp hit at the beginning of the pandemic are presently on the road to recovery - albeit some faster than others. Will this result in the decline of cases and deaths as businesses often reopen for summer crowds. Meanwhile, interest in Netflix remains strong.

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